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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey is booming. People dealing with hair loss mainly keep flocking to the country to get a hair transplant treatment. This trend is because high-quality hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer reasonable fees for hair transplant procedures than any other clinic in Europe and the US without compromising the quality of the procedure.

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    From past to present, hair has been an important factor for both men and women. Depending on whether the hair is sparse or thick, the self-confidence level of the person decreases or increases. In addition, a healthy hair has become a way to look attractive and strong to the opposite sex today. Therefore, hair loss, especially in recent years, causes loss of self-confidence and some psychological problems. Contact us now for information about hair transplant prices.

    There may be more than one cause of hair loss in Alopecia, and the form that can be treated with hair transplant in Istanbul is called androgenetic alopecia. With the development of techniques and technology in the recent period, hair transplantation results that are closest to the natural hair can be obtained with micro-surgical instruments.

    In the simplest sense, hair transplantation is the transfer of the hair collected from the donor area in the nape to the thinned or bald areas. It is an operation performed by hair transplant doctors and technicians in the operating room, lasting between 6 and 8 hours on average.

    Congratulations, you have decided to have a hair transplant! Now it has become clear with which technique you will be operated in which clinic.




    The hair transplantation methods we use are listed below.


    How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

    Hair transplant operations in the UK cost much higher than a hair transplant in Turkey. Depending on the hair transplant technique and the number of grafts harvested and transplanted into balding areas, the surgery in the UK can cost from £5000 to £12000.

    Based on your hair condition, our medical experts will analyze the required number of grafts and which technique is most suitable to achieve a natural and perfect result.

    Based on this, you will receive a non-binding personal offer for your hair implants in Turkey.

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