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Beards have always been important to men. Although it was discredited for a certain period and the beard was defined as a condition of civilization, the growth of the beards of figures such as US President Abraham Lincoln brought the beard back into fashion and has retained its place ever since. Having a gap in the beard makes some men feel lack of self-confidence. The participation of Hollywood actors such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell in this trend and beard transplants contributed to its rise and the beard transplant operation has become a frequent practice.

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    Beard Transplant Method

    Beard Transplantation in Turkey

    What is beard transplant?
    The beard transplant operation is the transplantation of grafts taken from the donor area on the back of the head or under the chin, where the beard is dense, with the micro FUE method, to areas that have never grown in the beard area. the person’s beard and mustache or that have subsequently developed due to loss of beards by trauma or incision. The operation, which is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about 8 hours, is painless after applying local anesthesia.

    The success rate with a single application is high. Some people may need a second operation. In today’s world, barbers try to correct the beard, which is an important criterion of external appearance for men, giving different models that have not been planted. One of the advantages of beard transplantation is that the shape of the beard will be made at the planning stage of beard planting, so the suitable model for the person’s face is selected together, the beard is transplanted to the person within this plan and can be used for a lifetime.

    What method is used in beard transplantation?
    In beard transplantation, the removal process is done with the micro FUE method. Sapphire FUE beard transplantation is performed using sapphire blades while opening the canals.
    Where to collect for beard transplant?
    In beard transplantation, the hair to be transplanted is taken from the back of the person’s head or around the neck and jaw bones, where the beard is dense, depending on the condition of the patient.




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    Beard Transplant Advantages

    The best-known benefits of beard transplantation include:

    • With a beard transplant, a person can have a full, natural-looking beard.
    • After the operation, the person can shave and style his beard as he wishes.
    • Beard transplant planning is done according to the person’s face type to provide an aesthetic appearance.
    • The person has the freedom to choose the type of beard that he wants to have.
      It is also possible to shape sideburns with hair/beard transplantation.

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