Dental Implant

For over 50 years, dental implant treatment has been a procedure to correct tooth loss. Our doctors make a cavity in the jawbone by perforating the gums in the area of the missing teeth. Next, they add a post to drive the replacement of the artificial tooth. Finally, operators attach an artificial thread to this post. This will allow you to have a natural-looking prosthesis.Dental implant treatment offers a good alternative to become more comfortable than bad and useless dentures and bridge treatments.

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    Implant Treatment in Turkey

    Dental Implants in Turkey

    Dental implants are a versatile treatment that comes in different forms for different dental problems. Besides traditional dental implants that come as a single unit, we also have other options and types of implants available.
    Some use only 4 implants to replace the entire chin. But there are also multiple tooth replacements that use dental bridges and implants to replace a set of teeth. There are also implants that can be placed immediately. As you can see, dental implants are a wide field.

    They differ from other dental treatments such as rooted dental crowns. Dental implants have a root to ensure that any treatment is firmly anchored in the jawbone and stimulate blood circulation. This feature makes them stand out with unique advantages.

    Why Would You Need a Dental Implant?
    Dental implants are not for everyone, of course. Implants are commonly prescribed as a permanent alternative to dental bridges or dentures that treat missing tooth gaps.

    As mentioned above, there are several steps involved in getting dental implant surgery. It starts with an assessment from a dentist prescribing a dental implant. Then, the planning stage begins. A patient needs 2 visits for a full procedure, the first step will be dental implants surgery and the second step will be for dental crowns.

    Patients who have dental implants should send us their panoramic x-ray before visiting us. Patients bone structure or other issues might not allow patients to have dental implant procedures.

    After extractions there could be huge risks for dental implants, that is why we always suggest patients to have a rest after extractions or please do extractions before visiting us if your dental treatment plans includes dental implants.




    Benefits of Dental Implants

    What are the Benefits of the Implant Procedure?

    • Prevents Bone Loss

    Dental implants promote circulation around the jawbone, which strengthens the tissue in the area. And as a result, it prevents the bone in the area from being worn out.

    • Prevents Teeth from Dislodging

    When you lose a tooth, you must replace it. This is because after a while, neighboring teeth will begin to migrate to close the gap. Thus, over time your natural alignment will change causing aesthetic problems.

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    By following the steps below, you can experience a first-class hair transplant and dental treatment at Elit International Clinic.

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