Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood Smile application is a type of smile that has been developed with inspiration from the smiles of Hollywood stars and has some standards. The main purpose of dental aesthetics is to achieve a perfect tooth and gum appearance. In this context, the symmetrical, healthy and white tooth appearance known as the Hollywood Smile has emerged. This process is carried out with the smile design application.

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    Hollywood Smile in Turkey

    What Are The Hollywood Smile Rules?

    The general standards set for the Hollywood smile can be listed as follows:

    • The person must have a deep laugh line. With the smile of the person, all teeth should be visible, up to the upper molars.
    • Upper front teeth should be straight.
    • Applications such as fillings on the upper teeth of the person should not be visible.
    • The upper incisors should be more prominent and ahead than the other teeth.
    • The lower incisors of the person should be visible during the smile.
    • During the smile, the upper gums should show a maximum of 2 mm.
    • Lips should be symmetrical.
    • The width of the lips should be half the width of the face.

    In this context, in addition to dental and gingival operations, it may be necessary to perform procedures such as lip filling and botox for the Hollywood smile application.

    Preferred Smile Types in Smile Design

    Many different smile designs can be made within the scope of smile types that can be made with the smile design application. In addition, the smile expressions that can be preferred can be listed as follows:

    • Intellectual Smile Design: It is the smile design performed for the person to have a mature and knowledgeable smile. The general standards of design are the emphasis on the lower part of the face and the alignment of the teeth in a straight line.
    • Attractive Smile Design: It is a smile design that is performed for the person to have an attractive smile. The general standards of the design are that the front teeth are longer than the side teeth and a dynamic smile is obtained.
    • Sporty Smile Design: It is a smile design that is carried out for the person to have a sincere and warm smile. The general standard of design is that the central incisors are slightly longer than the lateral teeth.




    Benefits of Hollywood Smile

    In our clinic, this procedure is successfully performed by our specialist physicians, the design is planned in advance, the patient’s approval is obtained, and the design is constantly rehearsed. In this way, it is possible to achieve perfect results. The benefits of a correct and perfect Hollywood Smile application can be listed as follows:

    • With the Hollywood Smile design, you can reach aesthetic and symmetrical teeth.
    • It is ensured that the teeth and gums have a healthy appearance.
    • Determining the most ideal smile for the person’s face helps to provide an energetic appearance.
    • Since it is an application that takes into account the expectations of the person, it is possible to achieve 100% satisfaction at the end of the procedure.
    • The self-confidence problem caused by oral and dental problems is eliminated.

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