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Teeth whitening is basically the process of removing the pigments that give the tooth a yellowish color. Unwanted discoloration and stains on the teeth can have various causes. Over time, yellow-brown staining may occur on the teeth due to frequent consumption of coloring foods and liquids (tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.). Color change can also be seen due to antibiotic use or trauma during the developmental period. It is also a known fact that grayish discoloration occurs in the teeth over the years due to water loss in the teeth treated with root canal treatment.

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    Whiter Teeth

    Tooth Cleaning and Whitening

    Who can teeth whitening be applied to?

    The whitening process takes place in the enamel layer. Before starting the procedure, the suitability of teeth for whitening should be analyzed in detail by the physician. The whitening agent should not come into contact with any layer of the tooth except the enamel layer. Enamel cracks, cavities, old fillings on the tooth surface should be treated before whitening and the patient should be informed about this. In some patients, due to various reasons, the enamel layer is very thin, and even the dentin layer of the tooth is exposed in some areas. Such cases are not suitable for whitening. Apart from these, whitening can be applied in a professional environment to protect the gums and root surfaces of patients with widespread recession in their gums.

    How Is Teeth Whitening Done?

    Teeth whitening is applied by the physician in the clinic. The ratio of the whitening active ingredient in the bleaching product used is much higher than in home bleaching. In this way, it is possible to provide an effective whitening in a short time.

    • First, a gingival barrier is applied to protect the gums.
    • Then, the whitening product is applied to the teeth on the smile line and activated by laser.
    • The process is continued until the patient reaches the desired whiteness stage, in 2 or 3 sessions, one session being 20 minutes.




    Benefits of Cleaning Teeth

    Contrary to popular belief, dental cleaning provides benefits rather than harming the teeth. Let’s examine these benefits;

    • Eliminates bad odors in the mouth.
    • Prevents tooth decay
    • Prevents gingival bleeding
    • Prevents sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks
    • Prevents gingival recession

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